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Why CAFL??

So why is the League called the Caledonian Australian Football League you may ask? It’s twofold really;
Firstly Caledonia is an old Latin name given by the Romans to the land which is today’s Scotland; it was north of their province of Britannia, beyond the frontier of their empire. We see our League as being around for a long time to come and we value history of what we’ve achieved so far, like the Roman’s in their prime we intend to conquer all before us.

Secondly whilst Scots have been involved in Australian Rules Football from its initial formal conception in Australia including being part of constructing the initial documented rules. In Scotland although played sporadically in the early 1900’s by travelling Australians the sport was ‘reborn’ in the early 1990’s by a Glasgow team called the Caledonian Sharks who represented Scotland in various tournaments against teams from the BARFL (British Australian Rules Football League now AFL England) all over England. Due to the sheer logistics of playing teams from London and the English South Coast the Caledonian Sharks had a few years hibernation period as such until being reinvigorated by some current players as the Glasgow Sharks in 2003. So the ‘Caledonian’ Australian Football League is a ‘Hat Tip’ to those involved in starting Footy being played back in Scotland in the early 1990’s.

Why choose CAFL, New year – New You
We offer the best Coaches, who’ll work with you to increase skill development, raise your enjoyment of the sport and sport in general and it’s all at YOUR own preferred pace. While other Leagues may focus on a ‘win at all cost’ mentality those who have created CAFL understood a long time ago that for any new minority sport to survive and thrive in Scotland we needed to harness the passion of the Scots and direct that energy to learning the skills of Australian Rules Football but also learn the enjoyment it can bring being a part of a team and working together.

CAFL has one of the highest percentages in Europe of locals playing the sport of Australian Rules Football in our League and this has been increasing year on year with figures showing that 83% of CAFL 2013 participants were Scottish. So what does such a high figure mean to the Sport here in Scotland and the CAFL itself? Where in the past other leagues have relied heavily on Transient Australians to form, play and administer Teams/Leagues this comes with the problem that these people move on after short periods of time leaving huge gulfs which have in the past caused badly managed teams and leagues to fold and cease to exist. Traditionally Leagues with excessive numbers of Australians have been shown to turn local players away as the thought of taking up a new sport and playing against teams full of players who have been brought up on the sport can be daunting and unwelcoming to beginners.

CAFL has addressed this issue by keeping our number of playing Australians to a minimum, preferring to have our Australians Coach and develop players Skills and understanding of the Sport as opposed to playing it.

CAFL are the first in Scotland to offer a Women’s only League and a programme for Junior Development and Leagues.

Still wondering why you should join us, come and try our training sessions, 1st month is free so you’ve nothing to lose. You’ll not be wondering why after that.

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