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Viewing vision a key tool to developing Sharks

📁 CAFL 🕔08.March 2014

Thursday night saw the Sharks players first review night of the season, where they got together to watch highlights of the first 3 rounds of the CAFL Season and the Preseason CAFL Cup. CAFL Media decided to ask Head Coach Stevie Connor about the night.

CM (CAFL Media): Why did you decide to do the reviews?
Coach (Stephen Connor): “ It’s a combination of good practice at top Clubs and Education for new players who haven’t had a great exposure to the sport up until now. We’ve been recording all of our matches both CAFL and SARFL for 3 years now, I think we were one of the first Clubs to do this in the UK and previously this has been used mainly by myself as a tool for developing strategy and structure as well as being used on the Sharks website and YouTube pages. Last year we held a half day review in the city centre 2 weeks prior to our Grand Final in SARFL with Players and the feedback was positive about it. We’ve fine-tuned it a little to shorten the process and make it run a little smoother but still allow them to ask questions about specific points of play.”

CM: So what are some of the benefits in getting the players to watch recordings of previous matches?
Coach: “ There’s quite a few benefits to visual feedback like this, we sometimes think we are playing a certain way or our skills are fine until we actually see what others see. From there we can ask how to fix problems etc and begin to work on them. It also lets us see the overall picture and how our teammates are playing, their styles etc. and consider how we could react differently if the same situation arises to name but a few.”

CM: Who benefits from this type of review new players or more experienced players looking to take their game to the next level?
Coach: “ Listen I think everyone who was there took something from the night across the board, newer players were able to ask some basics questions and gain a better understanding as well as clarify some terminology we use and some of our experienced players had more detailed questions that had a ‘what if’ feel as they were able to relate to match scenarios having played more games.”

CM: Will you be doing more of these sessions throughout the year ?
Coach: Yes I think so everyone that came along seemed to get something out of it so that’s worthwhile. We may review after each 3 rounds of CAFL and hold separate SARFL match reviews when needed to be more team specific.

So game reviews seem to be the way forward for the Sharks and the CAFL Teams.
See you at our next scheduled game Saturday 22nd March Cards Vs Makos

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