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📁 CAFL, Card Sharks, Mako Sharks, Tiger Sharks 🕔29.March 2014

The Round 3 CAFL Stat’s are now up on the website they can be accessed from the ‘League’ dropdown on the top menu.
The Stat’s from the first 3 rounds showed 2 Standouts as far as Dream Team points go with both Steve Thompson and Andy Dubojski both over the two hundred point tally with 220 and 208 respectively.

Also, individual players stats are now displayed on their own player Profile page. These can be access by going to the team pages (links below) and selecting the player name link.

Card Sharks
Mako Sharks
Tiger Sharks

So get across to the 2014 Stats page and see how your favourite player has done after the first 3 rounds.

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