Statement of Purposes

1. The purposes of Caledonian Australian Football League (“the League”) are to encourage, promote, control, arrange and develop the playing of Australian football by and between its affiliated teams and their players.

2. Without limiting the powers of the League to carry out the foregoing purposes of the League, the League shall have power to:
(a) promote and encourage the game of Australian football;
(b) arrange, control and manage Australian football matches and competitions involving affiliated clubs;
(c) define the qualifications by which an affiliated team may become a member of the League and from time to time vary or alter such qualifications;
(d) affiliate any team the League may deem appropriate to affiliate;
(e) determine, vary or alter the terms and conditions upon which players may play for, and matches may be played by, the League’s affiliated teams;
(f) add or reduce the number and size of grades of competition and vary any provisions governing the entry of affiliated teams into any or all such grades of competition;
(g) arrange the time and place for the playing of matches in the competition organised or sanctioned by the League;
(h) hear and determine any allegation, complaint or charge pursuant to its rules or by-laws in relation to the rules, by-laws or laws of Australian Football, or in relation to any matter which in the opinion of the Board of Management affects the interests of the game of Australian Football or affects the interests of the League itself;
(i) impose any sanction, including fines, suspension or expulsion as may be deemed appropriate, where any allegation, complaint or change is sustained by the League or its appointees, including the Independent Tribunal and Appeals Board, against any affiliated team, player, umpire or individual pursuant to the League’s rules or by-laws;
(j) control and discipline every player and official of any team participating in a competition organised or sanctioned by the League in relation to conduct occurring before, during or after the playing of a match;
(k) become affiliated with or act in conjunction with any other body having as its objects its encouragement, development, fostering and promotion or regulation of Australian football;
(l) provide and where applicable maintain premises from which the activities of the League will be conducted;
(m) make selection of and be responsible for representative players or teams to participate in matches with a team or competition of or with other bodies having as their purpose the encouragement, development, fostering, promotion or regulation of Australian football;
(n) control the selection and appointment of any representative player, official or league team;
(o) require affiliated teams to perform such acts, deeds and matters as may be considered necessary by the League for the attainment of all, or any, of the objects of the League and require adherence by affiliated teams with decisions of the League on matters of policy;
(p) purchase, take on lease or exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, or maintain any real or personal property and any rights and privileges in relation thereto;
(q) sell, exchange, lease, mortgage, hire, dispose of, account for or otherwise deal with all or any part of the real and personal property of the League;
(r) invest and deal with real and personal property of the League not immediately required for use by the League;
(s) select, employ, remove or suspend employees as is appropriate;
(t) print and publish any literary work, booklet, circular or leaflet which the League may consider desirable for the promotion of its objects;
(u) establish and maintain any insurance arrangements in relation to all property and business of the League and players, officials and employees within the control of the League;
(v) take such steps and actions reasonably necessary to enhance Australian Football within the geographical area/s the League operates in (Scotland);
(w) take such steps and actions reasonably necessary to improve the standard of competition amongst affiliated Teams within the League;
(x) establish and maintain and/or participate in the establishment and maintenance of such mechanisms, processes, agencies or systems that are deemed necessary for and/or incidental to the furtherance of the purposes
of the League;
(y) take all steps and actions consistent with the rules and the Associations Incorporations Act to implement and carry out the purposes of the League.

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