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Season Look Ahead, Mako Sharks

📁 CAFL, Mako Sharks 🕔31.January 2014
Season Look Ahead, Mako Sharks

The CAFL season opened with a tough and hard-fought CAFL Cup pre-season tournament.


Each team came away with a win on the day however the Tiger Sharks won the tournament based on percentage. All that remains now for each team is their first game of the home and away season. Each team has planned their way through the trade and draft period and with the CAFL Cup under their belts CAFL media will talk with the captains to gain their insight on how their teams pre-season went and how they are preparing for round one.


So CAFL media spoke with Mako captain Adam Jack.


CAFL Media: Having seen your team play now in the CAFL cup do you feel you drafted well?

Adam: Im confident we made the right moves during trade week and also at the draft. We took the measure of bringing in the services of a list manager this season who played a significant roll in retaining a strong core of players from our team that made it to last years grand final while also bringing some very good new faces. The team preformed well in the CAFL Cup in the trying conditions and we tested out a few different things. All in all the future looks bright at mako land.


CAFL Media: If you had to pick out 1 player who stood out for you in the cup who would it be and Why?

Adam: I thought as a team we had a good day on the park with the usual suspects having good games. But for me Alexander Clark with his hard running and hard ball gets was a standout not just for the makos but for the whole day.


CAFL Media: Who do you feel could have a big season or improve most this year?

Adam: Hopefully we all have big seasons and we can go one step further than last year. We have a few players who are coming along nicely Stacey Hughes is adapting to every roll thrown at her while Scott Adams’s  is growing in confidence every time he takes to the field.


CAFL Media: With each team vying for top spot what do you believe will help you team attain that this year?

Adam: The core of this mako side have been together for the last three years playing in three consecutive finals giving them great experience. Add to that the determination, willingness to learn and awsome team spirit and I believe we can certainly take top spot.



CAFL Media: How are you preparing for round 1?

Adam: Preparations for round one are going well we are training hard and working on a few things. We will be taking this game very seriously. It is the grand final replay and we will looking to come out on top and vanquish a few demons.


CAFL Media: Lastly who would your early prediction be for MVP this year?

Adam: Its always hard to look past the tried and tested when predicting the MVP and there are one or two big names floating about. But if he can stay somewhere near the form he is in at the moment Alexander Clark is my dark horse

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