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MAKOS make amends to topple TIGERS

📁 CAFL, Mako Sharks, Tiger Sharks 🕔04.February 2014

It was the much anticipated Grand Final replay that was to signal the start of the 2014 CAFL season proper at a muddy Victoria Park in Glasgow. December had seen the most rain ever recorded fall in Glasgow and with 3 games already played on the ground in the previous week conditions were set to be heavy underfoot to say the least, this would probably suit last year’s runners up the Makos most as although a strong and skilful side they had been undone by the fleet of foot Tigers who had used pace to their advantage in their Grand Final win. Both teams had 2 new additions to their Grand Final sides in Nik McGuire, Mark McFarlane for the Makos and Bryan Martin, Nicky Thomson for the Tigers.

Tigers Round 1

Makos Round 1

First Quarter
The quarter started in scrappy fashion with the tigers eventually getting the first forward entry from Mark Cadman which was dealt with easily by the reliable Gus Thomson. A clearance to half forward for the Makos was collected well by Mark McFarlane handpass chain between himself and John McIntyre lead to a short pass from Dan Connor finding McFarlane this time on his own who marked to set up the first scoring chance for the Makos. From about 30 metres out from goal on a slight angle his shot drifted on the wind landing just inside the boundary deep in the forward pocket. The Tigers cleared their lines from the resulting ball up through Derek Smith but only as far as the halfback line where Makos Captain Adam Jack swept onto his left foot and dinked a pass to McFarlane on the lead who marked and went back for a shot at goal. With the wind slightly against his shot hung up on the breeze and great work from Tigers Co-Captain ‘Daisy’ Smith saw him jump and touch the shot through on the line for the game’s first score a behind to the Makos. After a period of toing and froing on the far side wing the ball went into the centre half-forward position for the Tigers where new recruit Bryan Martin pounced and shot for goal again unluckily pulling it wide for a minor score, game tied at 1 behind each. It was now the Tigers turn to force the pressure and with a smothered clearance from Scott Adams picked up and prodded towards goal by Alex Young it was a foot race between Cadman and Thomson which Cadman won to ‘soccer’ the first goal of the day off the ground right through the middle. After failing to convert fully on a 4 minute period of pressure for the Tigers it was the Makos who scored next with a ball up deep in their forward pocket a tap from Alexander Clark in the ruck fell to Nik McGuire who snapped at goal only to find Martin on the line to rush the ball through for the behind. The Tigers then moved the ball from one end of the ground to the other with Cooper, Collett, Dubojski, Gray and Derek Smith all involved before this time Cadman returned the favour and became provider putting the ball into the path of Young, with 15 metres to go to goal and a defender chasing he resisted picking the ball up again to dribble it through for the goal and a handy quarter time lead.

TIGERS 0.2.1. 13 Vs MAKOS 0.0.2. 2

Second Quarter
The 2nd Quarter started without the flow there had been in the first with scrappy passages of play that led to the ball being played in between half-forward lines for both teams before breaking down and going back the other way. We had to wait till three and a half minutes in before the scoreboard was troubled. In a move that cut right through the centre of the Makos defence a long ball was collected by Gus Thomson only for him to be wrapped up and penalised for holding the ball by a Danny Collett tackle, from the resulting free kick the ball was controlled by Andy Dubojski for the Tigers with his shot unfortunately only resulting in 1 point from a very acute angle. Next at the five minute mark a great interception in the backline by David Smith and some accurate passing between Dubojski & Cadman to set up Del Smith with a shot at goal, again it drifted to the left and went through for a minor score. From the resulting kick in the Makos worked the ball down the left wing before a centering kick from Scott Adams found a 1 on 1 contest between Collett for the Tigers and Clark for the Makos, Clark twisted and turned before cooly slotting a right foot goal from 25 metres out to close the gap to 7 points. On the 10 minute mark Clark again found himself with the ball on the half-forward line for the Makos after breaking through an Alex Young tackle he steadied and fired home his and the Makos 2nd Goal to reduce the margin to 1 point lead for the Tigers. It didn’t take the Tigers long to respond straight from the next ball up Bryan Martin kicked long for Cadman to run onto only for his ‘soccered’ shot to hit the post for a minor score. The Tigers were again on the accendancy and from a stoppage deep in their right forward pocket it was Del Smith who again found time and space to fire a shot goal wards only for it to bounce through for another behind. Whilst having all the pressure the Tigers were not able to apply real scoreboard pressure with it and halftime was only 2 minutes away. The Makos were unable again to clear the Tigers half from the kick in and this time good work from Martin and Cadman led to a Danny Collett snap at goal which was trundling along until Makos Jack rushed it through under pressure from 2 Tigers. A repeat of the previous play happened again only 30 seconds later and again the Makos scrambled a rushed behind through. That was the last action of the half and the Tigers found themselves 5 points ahead but would they rue the missed chances later in the game ?

Tigers 0.2.7. 19 Vs Makos 0.2.2. 14

Third Quarter
The Makos started the third quarter well and a great one two between Clark and Connor saw Clark run in on goal only to spray his shot wide for a minor score , the City end of the ground had proved to be the most difficult to score goals at so far. With just over 2 minutes gone McFarlane raced onto a bobbling Tigers clearance checked inside a slotted the Makos 3rd goal to give them a 1 point lead. The Makos were now pushing hard and a long pass from Clark that wasn’t dealt with fell to Stacey Hughes who from an angle snapped a Supergoal over her shoulder for 9 points taking the Makos lead to 10 points.

CAFL round 1

CAFL round 1

Nearing the halfway point of the 3rd quarter the Tigers were to bite back after battling in the midfield the ball spilled from a tackle on forward Cadman to be pounced upon by new boy Martin he slotted a great goal to again demonstrate what a valuable commodity he’ll be for the Tigers this season. It was time for Adam Jack to influence the game again for the Makos his clearance from the middle led to a free kick for teammate McFarlane in the forward half, he ran down to the goalsquare and then led back out straight away to take a simple chest mark from McFarlane’s pass, he went back and scored the goal to again give the Makos some breathing space. The next chance again fell to the Makos a good handpass from Ruckmen John McIntyre released Clark again , this time he found himself on his wrong foot and running away from goal and under pressure could only manage a behind which was the last score of the quarter.

Three Quartertime
Tigers 0.3.7. 25 Vs Makos 1.4.4. 37

Final Quarter
With just over a minute gone in the last quarter the Tigers showed they were not going to give up without a fight a smothered Steve O’Kelly clearance fell into the corridor in front of goal and the only player there was Mark Cadman who casually picked up and slotted his second and the Tigers forth. A good pass from McFarlane set Nik McGuire free for the Makos but as the ball plugged in the muddy surface the defensive arrived for the Tigers and pressured him into kicking wide for just the behind. Clark had another chance to add to his goal tally after marking well straight in front and only 20 metres out but a combination of getting too close and great work from Del Smith on the mark made sure his touched shot only registered a behind. From the kick in Fullback Cooper of the Tigers failed to find his target Kirsty Gray and she was pressurised out the contest by Gus Thomson who found himself at the forward end for a change he picked up and calmly put the ball straight back over Cooper’s head for a goal to the Makos. The Makos still looked full of run and with a string of good passes from McIntyre, Hughes and Connor, Clark found himself running towards goal again , in the heavy conditions his shot didn’t have enough carry and the reliable Del Smith was on the goaline to prevent the goal touching it through for a point. The ball next fell to Scott Adams for the Makos from the kick in but he too couldn’t register a goal spraying the ball wide for a behind. With a little over 2 minutes in the game left Connor of the Makos was rewarded for a good tackle on Dubojski, the resulting kick went straight to Adam Jack who swung around onto his left and put the game beyond doubt for his team from 35 metres out with a snapped goal. After another scrabbled passage of play Nik McGuire marked well his pass released Stacey Hughes to score her 2nd Supergoal and finish the scoring for the game.

Final Score
Tigers 0.4.7. 31 Vs Makos 2.6.7. 61

The Tigers will take comfort in the knowledge they have key players to come back in and they lost their opening game last Season before going on to not lose anymore and win the Grand Final . The Makos will be delighted with reversing the Grand Final result and on starting the season so well.

Tigers : Cadman 2, Young & Martin
Makos : Clark 2, Hughes 2, Jack 2, McFarlane, & Thomson
Tigers : Martin, Cadman, Derek Smith & Dubojski
Makos : Clark, Jack, Hughes & Thomson

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