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House of CARDS begins with solid foundations

📁 CAFL, Card Sharks 🕔20.January 2014
House of CARDS begins with solid foundations

Construction on the rebuild of the Card Sharks is well under way and the objective couldn’t be clearer….. No ceilings!

On top of the strong foundations of inaugural Card Sharks, Steve Thompson, 3 team veteran Darren Chadwick and Ross Thomson have been added solid supporting beams in the form of Club top scorer last year Michael Douglas, seasoned international level women’s player Hazel Stevenson and Paul ‘Bubbles’ Sweeney who ended last season in sensational form as one of the Mako Sharks best onballers. With a new framework now established the demons that haunted this house in seasons past look set to be thrown out the window.

Cards captain Robert McKinlay sought to bring some youth, vitality and heart to the club this season and the draft was able to provide him with that in spades. A diamond in the rough looks to have been found with up and coming female prospect Leesa Rushton. She is extremely motivated and has worked tirelessly in pre-season and looks capable of becoming a trump player. Of the newest female Card Shark McKinlay explains, “When Leesa turns up for training she comes to learn and progress but believe me that attitude will transform come game day. Be warned, Leesa comes to play”. The inclusion of Rushton will no doubt add even more pace to the at times frightening run & carry style the Cards love to play and she is one player that other teams will be forced to adjust for throughout the season.

With defence being a mere hobby of the Cards in seasons gone by, and clearly with one eye now on affecting the scoreboard at the other end of the ground, the Cards saw their second pick overall as a chance to firm up the back line. This was achieved (none too subtly) in their selection of powerful newcomer Blair Elliott. Naturally strong, athletic and doing nothing in half measure so far in training, any player coming up against him will need to consider their options very carefully before taking him on. With proper guidance and help from captain and team mates, this home grown talent could easily elevate his game to the highest level.

If it were even possible yet more energy was added to the fold in the form of the bold and young Andrew McAllister with a newly found passion for the game and willingness to learn and improve in training was all McKinlay needed to see to select him first over all. “He impressed me with his endeavour and humility from the first time I shook his hand as he introduced himself at his first training session”, commented McKinlay, “a top prospect indeed and an automatic number 1 draft pick as far as I am concerned”.

With eagerness and desire to win (and win in style) unlikely to be a problem for any of the 2014 Card Sharks it will be up to the older, wiser Kings, Queens and Jacks in the pack to bestow the confidence required to make this a Premiership winning team.

There is no doubt that the shuffle and cut of the trade period and draft has brought new order to this deck. Only time will tell if the hand they’ve dealt themselves will be a winning one.

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