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CARDS Deal in Trade week

📁 CAFL, Card Sharks 🕔19.January 2014
CARDS Deal in Trade week

The trade period for the 2014 CALEDONIAN AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (CAFL) season began on Wednesday 8th January and concluded on Wednesday 15th. The teams had a focus on a strong core for this season as the League administrators had applied a stringent cap on the teams of retaining a maximum of 5 players from their 2013 Squads as part of the ongoing equalisation of talent that has been so effective in the Leagues beginning seeing 3 different winners since its inception 3 years ago.

The Captains take this period very seriously and in one teams case the MAKOS they even employed a ‘List Manager’ to control their business for the week. The week itself started slowly with rumours that had some unenticing ‘trade bait’ being offered by several teams in an attempt to see who was interested in dealing and who was happy to go into drafts with their picks intact.

The 2 Drafts (Main Draft and Rookie Draft) were still able to change personnel in them with players still able to make the required minimum 5 training sessions to qualify for their respective Drafts all the way up to the day before the Draft Night where a Friday night Showcase indoor game had been arranged as the sign off for the CAFL Preseason. This meant those in charge for their teams were watching what others were doing as much as what they were doing themselves as this would have an effect on the Draft order for both Drafts.

The only Trade that eventually took place began on Monday 13th with the MAKOS List Manager John McIntyre offering the CARDS Captain Robert McKinlay the versatile Paul Sweeney as a swap for their 2nd Round Pick in the Rookie Draft.

While MAKOS Captain Adam Jack had said he would have loved to have held onto Paul Sweeney and the other 2 players he had to put into the Main Draft it was not possible due to the restrictions imposed in the Equalisation Cap. So instead of putting Paul into the Main Draft they chose the option of dealing directly with the CARDS to ensure they got something in return for a quality player.

The deal eventually went through and was authorised on the final day Wednesday 15th of Trade week and was viewed as a win for both teams. It had the following effect;

CARDS received Paul Sweeney to add run and a solid defensive presence to their team, an area highlighted as needing addressed from their 2013 campaign. Sweeney was not only a regular for the MAKOS games last year but also had cemented himself as the regular starting Half Back Flanker for the GLASGOW SHARKS in their SARFL Team.

MAKOS received the CARDS 2nd Round Rookie Pick (Pick 6) and in not putting Paul Sweeney into the Main Draft moved their Rookie Draft picks up 2 places overall giving them one less Main Draft pick and two more Rookie Draft which this year was viewed by all teams as being very strong. Their Picks changed from Main Draft 2, 5 & 8 to 2 & 5 and their Rookie Draft went from 3&6 to 1, 4, 6 & 7.

Only the one deal completed in Trade week and now the teams focus will turn to the Draft on Saturday 18th January.

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