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CAFL Lottery

The CAFL Lottery has been set up to raise money for the league development & improve the teams. It also give players a great chance to win prizes money while helping a good cause. It takes place all year round and the rules are as follows;

  • Half the money raise goes into the prize pot & half goes to CAFL League develop and improve teams.
  • It’s easy, pick 6 numbers between 1 & 49 then just wait for them to be drawn on a Saturday Night’s National lottery Draw (not Bonus balls).
  • The money must be won, e.g. if 4 of your numbers come out this week your only waiting for the other 2 to win next week.
  • Anyone more than 3 weeks behind in payment will be excluded from winning and their numbers for those weeks will not be active.
  • You can join or re-join at any time, your numbers start to be crossed off from the first week you pay.
  • Costs £1 per line.
  • Unlimited Shots.
  • Friends, Family, work mates, random passers-by are all welcome to join provided they pay £1.
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